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Save Up to $250 Off Your Estate Planning Package - SOLD OUT

Updated: Jun 19

Making an estate plan is an essential step in protecting your assets and ensuring your loved ones are taken care of after you’re gone. At Lyceum Professional Corporation, we’re offering a special promotion in May-June, 2024.

Depending on your circumstances and the number of clients who join the group sale, you can save up to $250 for your estate plan package.


For a couple (married or common law):

-          Will x2 OR Will x4 (if you have businesses or assets outside Ontario)

-          Power of attorney for personal care x2

-          Power of attorney for property x2

For one person:

-          Will x1 OR Will x2 (complex plan, for persons owning business)

-          Power of attorney for personal care x1

-          Power of attorney for property x1

Legal service include:

-          Full consultation (review of asset types, tax consequences, risk prevention such as family disputes)

-          Drafting and reviewing of documents

-          Witnessing the execution of wills and powers of attorney

-          Producing commissioned affidavits of witness

-          Full report

-          FREE list of duties of executors (=$120)


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