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What is a complete application package?


Your application package is complete once you satifsy all these

  • answer all the questions correctly on the forms

  • submit proof you paid the fees that apply to your application and

  • submit all required forms and documents


- no gap between dates;

- info and data should be consistent with your previous applications; If you forget to include a document and/or pay the fees -- consequences are serious

  • the entire package may be returned

  • your application will be delayed

  • the application may be refused directly

Practical TIPS:

  1. Read the instruction guide carefully

  2. Read the minimum requirements and determine if you are eligible to apply, otherwise you may waste time and money at the first place

  3. use the document checklist in the package

  4. check if there is any specific requirements for your country; e.g. household registry book ("Hukou") is commonly seen for various types of applications.

  5. use a cover letter to clarify important or special circumstances

  6. if you DIY application, before you submit it, find a professional (a lawyer or a CICC member) to review it

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